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About us

Corporate mission



We aim to structure an ecosystem to create, produce and sell video games, real- time applications and virtual worlds based on the Unreal platform.

Knowledge! A superpower

Knowledge! A superpower

Because we are convinced that knowledge is a superpower, we encourage our superheroes to train, develop and master their skills in order to excel in the quality of our projects.

Financial structuring

Financial structuring

We understand that chasing budgets can be a pain in the creative world. Our services will help and support your project wisely in all financial areas.

Our values



Our passion and appetite for creating games are fueled by our community.
We actively involve our community as much as we can in order to produce the best gaming experience that players deserve.



We have established a work environment in which people are empowered, productive, contributing and happy. We are committed to developing the confidence of every individuals talents and capabilities.



What would be a game without Fun?
Fun is our engine that pushes the team to create, innovate, and develop entertaining and enjoyable games.

About you

Dare to bring your project to life

Dare to bring
your project to life

Imagine your Real-time project, we shape it to make it real! Start to incubate your ideas in our wild production pipeline.

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Share your madness with us and join our wild team

Share your madness with us
and join our wild team

Our Wildness has no limits, we are always looking for talented, inspiring and passionate people who share our madness.

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Project pipeline

The wild incubator pipeline,
from real-time to live-time


Prevent unexpected issues in your production with a high quality Pre- production phase. The discovery phase covers many research stages in order to optimise the production line and reduce your costs.


Start your project with the experienced wild team to assure the quality of your project throughout the production phase. We allocate the appropriate resources from our team to produce your expected game quality.


Release your project to make it live and visible in your market by empowering it with post-production services. From project polishing to marketing and communication campaigns.

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